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Our coaches use proven principles, which build strong foundations of health.  This is a journey, it’s your journey.  You are in control the entire time, from the action items you decide to implement that week to creating your ultimate lifestyle.  Gaining knowledge through our experience, you will realize more energy, improved mental clarity, and building the body, inside and out, you were meant to have. Finally, discover who you are and create the life you deserve.  Together, we will get there!

Elaina Bahm

Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach

and Founder


Andrea McCaffery

Fitness Trainer


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Group Fitness and Pilates instructor

  • Career Fitness Coach

  • NCAA Division 1 athlete and fitness model competitor

With extensive training through the C.H.E.K Institute Elaina looks at the physical side of the human body and uses other modalities such as the chakra system to identify the root causes of concerns.  Using meridian points, she can determine which organ systems are not functioning well which may be the cause of your physical discomforts.

Andrea prides herself as a Coach guiding clients to reach and maintain their wellness, nutrition, and fitness goals. Her competitive athletic background and extensive training experience allow Andrea to offer a wide variety of training techniques and philosophies.

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