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Ready for Deep Transformation?

 Secure your spot and embark on an in-depth journey toward a more intuitive, empowered, and fulfilled life.


3 One-on-One Sessions

Cost: $299.00
Savings: $150.00

What will you get?  

3 Personalized Sessions with Elaina Bahm:​

  • Assess Your Current Situation: We'll explore where you are right now and understand the key areas of your life that need attention and healing.


  • Identify Stuck Points and Self-Sabotage: Together, we'll uncover the blocks and patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goals and living to your fullest potential.


  • Create Your Desired Future: We will map out a clear path toward your aspirations, helping you move confidently toward your dreams.


  • Enhance Your Intuition: Learn how to strengthen your intuitive abilities and use them as a powerful guide in your daily life.

Why Choose This Package?

  • Individualized Attention: Each session is tailored specifically to you, ensuring you receive the most relevant and impactful guidance..


  • Expert Guidance: With my years of experience as a psychic and medium, I will provide you with deep insights and practical advice.

  • Exclusive Savings: Normally priced at $499, this special offer is available to you for just $299, saving you $150!

6 One-on-One Sessions

Cost: $499.00
Savings: $400.00

What will you get?  

6 Personalized Sessions with Elaina Bahm:​

  • In-Depth Assessment: Comprehensive exploration of your current life situation, identifying deep-rooted issues and areas needing transformation.

  • Overcome Major Blocks: Intensive work to uncover and resolve significant blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors that impede your progress.


  • Long-Term Goal Setting: Develop a detailed plan for achieving long-term goals, with ongoing support to ensure you stay on track.


  • Advanced Intuition Training: Deepen your intuitive skills and learn advanced techniques to use your intuition as a reliable guide in every aspect of your life.

  • Consistent Support: Regular sessions to provide continuous guidance, support, and adjustments to your personal growth plan as you evolve.

Why Choose This Package?

  • Comprehensive Approach: This package offers an extensive exploration of your life's challenges and opportunities, providing a holistic approach to your personal development.


  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from consistent, long-term support and guidance, ensuring sustained progress and transformation.

  • Greater Savings: Normally priced at $850, this comprehensive package is available for just $499, saving you $400!

For any questions or further details, feel free to contact me at

Contact: (416)-573-5733 |

Spaces are limited to ensure each client receives the highest quality of care and attention. Book today to secure your sessions.

Thank you for considering these special offers. I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey.

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